Privacy Policy


HOTOO CULTURE MEDIA CO., LTD. ( “ Company ” ) As an online payment system provider Respect the privacy rights of users ( “ Sir ” ) And is well aware of the importance of preserving personal information that you disclose to the company. The company therefore has a privacy policy announcement ( “ Policy ” ) To inform you of the details and practices of the company regarding the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information. Which is in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.Prof. 2019 ( “ Personal Data Protection Law ” ) Laws and other relevant rules And to give you confidence in receiving services from the company with the following content

Please read and understand this privacy policy before pressing the “ consent button ”

1. Definitions

“ Personal Information ” Means information relating to an individual Which makes it possible to identify that person Whether directly or indirectly But not including the information of the deceased in particular

“ Sensitive data ” Refers to personal information about race, ethnicity, political opinions. Belief in religion or philosophy Sexual behavior History of crimes, health information, disability, trade union information Genetic information Biological information Or any other information that affects the owner of personal information similarly, according to the facultyPersonal Data Protection Committee Announcement

“ Biological data ” Means personal information resulting from the use of techniques Or technology related to physical characteristics Or the behavioral characteristics of a person, allowing to confirm the identity of that person that is not the same as other personnel, such as face simulation data Eye simulation data Or fingerprint simulation data

2.Types of users and personal information under this policy

The company may collect, use or disclose the personal information of the user differently depending on the relationship between you and the company, with the following details

1.Member Store

Personal details Such as prefix, name, first name-surname, gender, age, nationality, date of birth Identity number Or passport number Or identification number in important documents, identification that the government or government agency of the contract issued a resolution to take a photograph of the signature

Contact information Such as the address according to the national ID card or home registration Current address Electronic address Phone number Social Network user account such as LINE ID, Facebook

Work details Such as occupation, job position, details about the establishment Map showing the location of the establishment

Information for inspection For example, the customer provided their presence. (Know Your Client: KYC) Customer investigation (Customer Due Diligence: CDD) Information for money laundering risk management and Counterterrorism (Fraud Prevention)

Sensitive information Such as religion, image simulation data, face (face recognition ) iris simulation data (retina recognition) fingerprint simulation data (fingerprint) voice recognition (voice recognition) Criminary history

Other information Such as recording conversations and communication between you and the customer service agent of the company, regardless of the form or method, including but not limited to telephone, website, email, conversation messages And social media communication Information that you have provided to the company, regardless ofAny channel, record CCTV cameras, company office buildings.

2.Payment card holder

The company is required to collect, use or disclose the information of the payment card holder, such as the cardholder’s name, email, card number, credit / debit card expiration date Card details Payment of goods or services

3.Website users

The company may collect data from users of the company’s website, such as the company’s website usage behavior information (Cookies Usage) Internet Protocol Address (Internet Protocol: IP) Information about communication devices that you Duties imported to the company website, pages that leave the company website, date and time of data click. These data will be used statistically, anonymously. For the company to understand the behavior of the company’s website

3.Purpose and base of personal data collection

The company will collect, use or disclose your personal information only if necessary or with a processing base for collection, use or disclosure of personal information only. This includes the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information for the fulfillment of the contract the company has made to you For legitimate purposes for the implementation of legal obligations The implementation of your consent and / or under other legal bases which may rely on one or more base processing bases

Contractual processing (Contract)

The company will collect, use or disclose your personal information. To process your request before registering to apply for the service as a shop with a company and / or to fulfill the contract in which you are a contract party. Which includes, but not limited to, the following objectives

– Consider qualifications, check, screen and assess the store’s risk before entering into the contract

– Consider approving the request Provide help service Or answer your questions

– Prove and verify identity before registering to apply for service

– Consideration and processing of data to provide services to you

– Notifying transactions Issue proof of payment

– Debt settlement tracking

Legal benefit processing (Legitimate Interest)

The company will collect, combine, use or disclose your personal information under the legitimate benefit of the company or other people. Such benefits must not be less than basic rights, benefits, and freedom of your personal information. And must not exceed the extent that you can expect This includes, but is not limited to, the following objectives

– Corporate management of companies such as risk management assessments, prevention and surveillance of corruption, money laundering, terrorism Misconduct Or other crimes, including but not limited to checking the credibility of any person Involve clients, business organizations of the company

– Manage relationships between companies and you, such as accepting matters and handling complaints

– Security measures such as exchanging cards and / or recording photos or animations through CCTV of those who come to contact before entering the company’s building

– In the case of a service user being a juristic person, the company will collect, use and disclose the personal information of the director. Authority to act on behalf or agent

Legal processing (Legal Obligation)

Compliance with any relevant laws and / or to comply with regulations issued by regulatory agencies and/or a statement of legal authority which the company is obliged to comply with, such as the announcement of the Bank of Thailand Anti-Money Laundering Act. Prof. 1999 Tax Law Laws on the Protection of Electronic Payment Services Business Payment System Act. Prof. 2017, including but not limited Identity verification operations Background check Credit checking Customer recognition (Know Your Client: KYC) Customer investigation (Customer Value Diligence: CDD) and other audits by the company may disclose your personal information to internal / external auditors, departments or other relevant legal entities

Consent base processing (Consent)

In some cases, the company may request your consent before collecting, using or disclosing your personal information so that you get the most benefit and / or so that the company can provide services that respond to your needs. Which includes, but not limited to, the following objectives

– Process, research and analyze behavior Or your liking to improve and develop services that truly respond to your needs And / or to present information about the promotional services of companies that you may be interested in And / or to offer benefits that are appropriate to you in particular

– to manage the website Facilitate Increase the efficiency of accessing the website. And assess the number of website visitors And popularity in different parts of the website

4.Disclosure of your personal information

The company will not disclose the information stored above to third parties. Except in the following cases only

– When the company assigns the recipient of the said data Perform the storage and / or processing of such data in place of the company. Purpose for security in storage, backup, data retrieval service And for the convenience of service

– When the company is required to disclose such information in order to comply with the law Or when the company is requested to disclose such information to the competent authority

– When the disclosure of such information is necessary for the provision of payment systems instead of the company by disclosing it to business partners And other legal entities This includes, but not limited to, financial business companies, card issuing companies, payment services, and/or service providers, financial transaction service providers Business partners that issue products together And other sponsors

– When you give consent to the disclosure of such information clearly to the company from time to time

In this regard, the company will ensure that the recipient of the said information has kept your personal information confidential. Not used for purposes other than those specified by the company And will strictly comply with this privacy policy and related laws

5.Personal data storage period

The company will collect your personal information as long as it is necessary to achieve the objectives specified in this policy. The company will collect personal information for the duration of the service or have a relationship with the company and may continue for a period of 10 ( Ten ) years from the date of Terminate relations with you, except to comply with the law. Establish legal rights Or the use of legal claims By the end of your personal data collection period, the company will delete or destroy the said personal data. Or make it an information that cannot be identified immediately

6.Transferring your information overseas

In the event that the company transfers your personal information to a foreign country, for example, in the case of a company keeping your personal information on a flat form cloud or server located outside of Thailand for information technology bubble If the said country has lower data protection standards than Thailand, the company will take measures that it deems necessary To ensure that the transferred personal data is protected at an adequate level

7.Security base

To prevent the loss of access, use, change, edit or disclose personal information that has been collected without power or by mistake, the company has taken security measures. Both organizational management measures And appropriate technical measures to secure your personal information, such as Restrict access to your personal information only to those involved And requires them to keep your personal information confidential. Use of protection software and check unauthorized access to personal information stored on the database, etc

8.Data collection of talent slackers

The company wishes to inform you that the company has no intention of collecting, using, or disclosing personal information of slackers, legal capabilities to minors (persons under 20 years of age or persons who are not yet underage. By legal marriage) the person ordered by the courtIs a person who is incompetent Or any person with legal incompetence. In this way, the company requests that the person exercising the governing power Please take care not to have the talent slack under your jurisdiction deliver personal information to the company if there is a case where the slack can deliver personal information to the company The company assumes that you consent to the company possessing that information. And consent to be bound by the conditions set forth in this policy. However, if the company knows that personal data is collected from talent slack, the company will proceed with the suspension, stop and delete the personal information of slackers without user consent.Governing power as required by law

9.Third party website connection

Company services may be connected to third-party websites. In which those linked websites have separate and independent privacy policy announcements, the company recommends that you study the privacy policy of that website for details before accessing this company. No involvement and control over the privacy protection measures of the said website And cannot be held responsible for policy content Damage or actions resulting from third-party websites

10.Persons who are granted access to personal information

Only the staff of the company that has the duty and / or responsibility related to the purpose of using the information mentioned above, which has access to your data In the event that the company assigns a third party to be a storage and/or process the data. The company will ensure that only the staff of the assigned person has the duty and / or responsibility related to the storage and / or processing of data that can access your data

11.Rights of data owners

The Personal Data Protection Act aims to increase your personal information under your control. You can exercise your rights in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, which has the following details

(1) The right to access and obtain a copy of personal information provided to the company, including requesting the company to disclose the acquisition of information, the person you did not give consent to the collection

(2) The right to request to correct your personal information that is incorrect or incomplete throughout the period your information is with the company

(3) The right to request the company to delete or destroy your data Or put your information in a form that cannot identify you

(4) The right to request to suspend the use of your personal information

(5) Net in objection to the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information

(6) The right to request the transmission or transfer of your personal information Unless the company is unable to do so by technical conditions Or the company has a legitimate reason for rejecting your request

(7) Right to withdraw consent You have the right to withdraw the consent you have given to the company for the duration of your information with the company, except that the condition cannot withdraw consent. Withdrawal of your consent will not affect the collection. Use or open Revealing your personal information that has been given consent before withdrawing the said consent

(8) Rights to complain to the authorities in accordance with the law, such as the Commission / Personal Data Protection Agency In the event that you see that the company violates or does not comply with the Personal Data Protection Act

The request to exercise the above rights must be in writing in the form specified by the company for consideration, to verify that the person requesting is truly a person with access to personal information and the company will make the best effort in The process of your request within 30 days. Please inform you that your rights may be eliminated under relevant laws. Or there may be a reason that the company is unable to process your exercise request, such as dishonest rights. Or may affect the rights or freedoms of others, for example by the company notifying you of the denial Plain too

12.Modification of privacy policy changes

The company may make changes to the privacy policy. To comply with the changing legal rules And when the content of the privacy policy agreement is changed, the company will notify you as appropriate for the situation through the company’s website or other communication channels of the company and it is considered that you accept it.Change that If you do not wish to continue using the service under the new agreement You can cancel the use of the service as intended

13.Governing law

This privacy policy is interpreted in accordance with Thai law. You have agreed to the Thai jurisdiction as a court with jurisdiction to consider disputes arising out of the terms

14.Contact channel

If you have suggestions Or inquiries regarding privacy policy Wishing to request personal information correction Or wishing to take any action in respect of the exercise of the rights of the owner of personal information You can contact the company at

[Name of the Person]

Call:  [Phone Number]

Email: [Email id

Address:  [Address]